Product description:

CRUDO is Spanish for “raw”. The name of the new Panda collection is not accidental. As the first on the Polish market, we have created hairdressing furniture that perfectly fits the Loft style, i.e. large, austere space, completely devoid of such features as gentleness, softness, or delicacy. Visible construction and assembly features are the inherent elements of the Loft style. This type of interior requires appropriate furniture that we can finally offer to you. After all, Loft is minimalism in details and this is what the CRUDO hairdressing collection is like in its individual versions. The CRUDO hairdressing chair – although simple in form and made of black painted metal, is extremely comfortable and elegant. Its austere style does not deprive it of perfect functionality, which is essential in the demanding work of a hairdresser. The frame – powder coated steel in black or any other colour at the customer’s request.

Bases to choose from:

  • XT – five-arm hydraulic
  • XC – round hydraulic
  • XM – square hydraulic