Product description:

The MASSIMO armchair is intended for performance of beauty procedures, pedicure and face procedures It is practical and elegant. The split footrests enable raising or lowering a client’s foot during procedure and their manual adjustment makes working even easier. This armchair is also fitted with manual adjustment of backrest inclination and electrically adjustable armchair height. It also features a modern and stylish design that is going to fit any space.

Product advantages:

  • Electrically adjustable armchair height
  • Adjustable armchair inclination
  • Manually adjustable armrests and footrests
  • Split footrests
  • Modern design
  • White colour
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • Dimensions: height 62-80 cm x width 66 cm x length 174 cm

Product dimensions

190.0 × 74.5 × 60.0 cm

SKU: HW-138-MK010-002