Product description:

Owing to its non-invasive and painless action, Decovague improves the look of orange peel, reactivating cellulite and excess body fat. Thanks to drainage, it helps to improve the flow of lymph. Decovague is equipped with a unique head which enables the transfer of ultrasound to the adipose tissue, owing to which we can visibly and effectively reduce local adipose tissue.

Technical specifications:

  • supply voltage: 230 V 50–60 Hz,
  • dimensions: 29x24x35 cm,
  • weight: 5 kg,
  • operation: continuous and pulsating,
  • fuses: 2 out of 500 mAT,
  • maximum consumption: 40 watts,
  • output frequency: 40kHz

Product dimensions:

  • 29.0 × 24.0 × 35.0 cm
SKU: HE-048-AK020-031