OEM production and cooperation

PANDA is the production company with great variety of manufacturing machines and devices not only from the functional furniture industry. In several of our production facilities we have machines for processing wood, glass and metal. We particularly excel in metal processing, as we have such technical equipment as CNC grinders and machine tools, bending machines, presses, lasers and plasma for cutting certain elements, as well as overhead cranes for transport of large elements. This group of PANDA staff cooperates with scientific institutions with reference to production of prototype machines designed for Polish and foreign markets. We have skilled and well-experienced personnel allowing us to start and realize technically sophisticated and difficult orders.

We produce elements for rolling stock purposes, namely elements and spare parts of pantographs, bogie details, frame longitudinal sections and brake pad housings, levers and hangers and parts and details used to modernize cars as ordered by a Customer.

We perform OEM production of the following items:

  • Transport containers for French automotive companies of Peugeot, Citroen and Renault.
  • Special trucks used in internal transport (passenger and military airports, production facilities, etc.),
  • Pantographs for traction vehicles as the sole Polish manufacturer of 5ZL, 4E AKP and new 55ZW models.
  • Spare parts for pantographs,
  • Spare parts for cars and traction units,
  • Car wheel clamps,
  • Recreational and rehabilitation accessories,
  • Playground accessories,
  • Other structures as ordered by a contractor.