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A device for performing needleless mesotherapy, a procedure consisting in introduction of active substances into the skin as a result of the phenomenon of electroporation. Electroporation is a modern method that supports the passages of macromolecules from the intracellular space to the inside of cells. This technique employs creation of canals in cellular membranes under the influence of magnetic field, through which the particles can freely penetrate the inside of the cell. Thanks to it it is possible to introduces into the skin the substances that would not be absorbed naturally due to their excessively large size. Short electrical impulses with high voltage cause disarrangement of lipids and creation of non-permanent spaces in cellular membranes.
The device features 12 pre-made treatment programs:
• FACE – Eye area – Revital 20+ – Revital 30+ – Rejuvenation 40+ – Lifting 45+ – Blood vessels – Acne
• BODY – Firming – Cellulite reduction – Slimming – Stretch mark reduction
The device includes:
• Device base
• Power supply cable
• Face head
• Body head
Technical data:
• Ultrasound wave power – up to 1 W/cm2
• Current – 2 – 10 mA
• Work time 0 – 20 min.
• Power: 35 W
• Voltage: 230 V – 50 Hz
• Current: 1.2 A
When deciding to buy the ATHENA equipment, you receive:
• Devices designed by Polish engineers:
• Modern technologies
• Attractive device prices
• Custom choice of combination unit functions
• Quick and friendly maintenance service
• 2-year warranty