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A multi-task beauty combination unit that with configuration of functions that can be customised according to the customer’s request. It is made of high quality material and features a two-year warranty. The device price is estimated individually after the customer chooses the functions to be included in the configuration.
The MULTI-TASK COMBINATION UNIT can include the following functions:
• Diamond microdermabrasion
• Corundum microdermabrasion
• Oxybrasion – jet peel
• Needleless mesotherapy
• Traditional radio waves or with a biostimulating laser that accelerates the effect of radio waves
• Cavitation peeling with chromotherapy
• Sonophoresis
• Ultrasounds
• Galvanisation
• Dermal massage device
• Ultrasound liposuction with infrared light
• Lipolaser
Product advantages:
• Custom choice of functions according to the customer’s request
• Selectable size of housing and display
• Clear and intuitive menu in Polish language, with the option to select other language
• 2-year warranty
The device includes:
• Device base
• Power supply cable
• Components and heads for the functions selected in the device
When deciding to buy the ATHENA equipment from PANDA, the customer receives:
• Devices designed by Polish engineers:
• Modern technologies
• Custom choice of combination unit functions
• Quick and friendly maintenance service