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Devices in coffers. In view of the Customers’ demand, the offer of Panda was extended with multifunctional mobile devices in a coffer. Thanks to innovative design, it was possible to include in a single mobile coffer the functions of the whole beauty salon, so that it is possible to provide the whole range of treatments at the customer’s place. It is possible to place independently operating devices on several decks of the coffer. It is the best mobile combination unit on the market of professional beauty devices. The ATHENA mobile devices can be custom-configured at request of the customer. The device can be fitted with one or several functions – according to the customer’s wishes. It is also possible to add new functions to the device already owned and used, thus reducing the cost of device configuration thanks to the option of complementing it later.
Product advantages:
• Possibility of service provision at different places
• Freely configurable functions at customer’s request
• It is possible to expand the device and complement it with further functions
The device can be fitted with the following functions:
• Diamond microdermabrasion
• Needleless mesotherapy
• Microneedle mesotherapy
• RF radio waves
• RF radio waves with biostimulating laser
• Cavitation peeling
• Ultrasound heads
• Galvanic current
• Dermal massaging device
• Lipolaser
• Ultrasound liposuction
• Permanent make-up
• Epilator (thermolysis + electrolysis)

Dimensions 1: height 25 cm x width 25 cm x length 35 cm
Dimensions 2: height 45 cm x width 25 cm x length 35 cm
Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 25 cm