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This professional beauty device for slimming and body modelling procedures is made of high quality material and features a two-year warranty. The Lipo Laser device emits light with wavelength of 650 nm – it is a so-called cold laser. The light penetrates deeply all the skin layers and targets fat cells – adipocytes – where under the influence of light a natural chemical reaction – decomposition of triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol – takes place. Those metabolic products are removed through the lymphatic system from the body. The devices has impact on fat cells only, without damaging the neighbouring tissues and blood vessels. This device does not destroy the membranes of fat cells, but also reduces significantly and in a controlled manner their content and volume.The effects are visible already after the first treatment.A laser procedure take usually about 20 minutes and the effect are visible immediately and accumulate during subsequent sessions.It is recommended to carry out 8 treatments within a single series. The amount of procedures within a single series depends on the thickness of the adipose tissue. The best results are obtained with 2 procedures a week.
Treatment results:
• Noticeable reduction in cellulite
• Splitting and removal of the adipose tissue
• Modelling of the body contour
• Acceleration of metabolism
Technical data:
• Work time 0 – 30 min.
• Fuse: 1.6 A
• Voltage: 230 V – 50 Hz
• Device power: 60 – 120 W
• 650 nm semiconductor laser
• Laser power: 100 mW
The device includes:
• Device base
• 6 laser-emitting treatment pads
• Power supply cable
When deciding to buy the ATHENA equipment, the customer receives:
• Devices designed by Polish engineers:
• Modern technologies
• Attractive device prices
• Custom choice of combination unit functions
• Quick and friendly maintenance service – 2 years of warranty