JOWISZ – Express Line

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JOWISZ is a professional and modern hair processor of the “Infrazone” type, installed on an adjustable stand, that is going to perform well in every salon. JOWISZ is fitted with five-fan air supply, electronic intensity regulation and timer, thanks to which the performance of procedures is going to become comfortable not only to the customer, but to the stylist as well. The JOWISZ hair processor is perfect for procedures such as hair colouring, hair lightening, thermal stimulation and permanent waves. It is a top-class hairdressing equipment.
Technical data:
• White colour
• Automatic operation mode
• Manual mode option
• Five-fan air supply
• Four-stage temperature setting from 15 to 60°C
• Timer from 0 to 60 minutes
• 230V/50Hz/850W
• Smoothly adjustable height: 125-165 cm
• Spread of arms of the base 81 cm
• Spread of heating arms – 40 cm