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IRIS is a professional hairdressing sauna that is going to perform well in hair care procedures and in shortening the duration of chemical procedures such as hair colouring. IRIS functions by using moisturising mist that speeds up the absorption of hair care products and, additionally, has a positive effect on the scalp and moisturises and softens the hair. This device that is easy to both assemble and use is going to increase the comfort and pleasure of every customer undergoing hairdressing procedures. IRIS is a perfect solution for every professional salon.
Technical data:
• Available in black and white colour
• Manual control
• Temperature range: 38-63°C
• Timer: 0-60 minutes
• Mist
• Active ozone
• Smoothly adjustable height: 131-151 cm
• Spread of arms of the base 73 cm
• Dome diameter: 31 cm

3000.00 999.00