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The ATHENA device for diamond microdermabrasion is a professional piece of beauty equipment with innovative housing and a modern and elegant design. This device is going to increase the presentability of every beauty salon. The ATHENA device for diamond microdermabrasion is a combination of extraordinary practicality, precision of execution, excellent materials and beautiful design. If you care for a bit of originality and charm in your salon and also for the efficiency of treatments, choose the beauty devices from PANDA. The intuitive LCD panel is going to increase the comfort of work. Diamond microdermabrasion is a standard procedure in every beauty salon. It consists in controlled peeling of the stratum corneum of epidermis by means of diamond heads with various grades and smooth vacuum pressure adjustment. This results in skin rejuvenation and stimulation thanks to vacuum-stimulated collagen production process.
Treatment results:
• Brightening of skin discolourations
• Reduction in depth of post-acne scars and stretch marks
• Blood circulation stimulation thanks to local vasocongestion
• Face skin cleansing
• Removal of wrinkles
Technical data:
• Work time – 0 – 30 min.
• Power – 65 W
• Power supply voltage – 230V / 50Hz –
• 1.5 A fuse
• Pump efficiency – 15 l / min.
• Max. vacuum pressure measured at the head ending – 600 hPa
• Warranty period: 2 years
The device includes:
• Device base
• 9 abrasive heads with gradation from 120 to 200 – 3 nozzles
• Power supply cable
• Rubber hose
• Filter
When deciding to buy the ATHENA equipment from PANDA, the customer receives:
• Devices designed by Polish engineers:
• Modern technologies
• Custom choice of combination unit functions
• Quick and friendly maintenance service