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Dermal massage device is used to perform vacuum massage of the body that reduces cellulite. It is done by using chalice-shaped heads fitted with spheres that roll the tissue. Their size is adjusted to different body parts. This device is a counterpart of hand massage in physical therapy, similar to endodermic massage.
Treatment results:
• Cellulite reduction
• Body firming
• Improved skin blood supply and nourishment
• Reduction in stretch marks
• Supports lymphatic drainage
• Reduction in scar depth
Advantages of the device:
• Precise adjustment of operation
• Digital control panel
• Filter with container for preparations used during treatments
• Ergonomic grip shape
• 2-year warranty
Technical data:
• Work time: 0 – 60 min.
• Voltage: 230 V – 50Hz
• Power: 60 W
• Vacuum pressure: 5 – 20 inHg
The device includes:
• Device base
• Power supply cable
• Filter draining the treatment contaminants (from beauty products)
• 5 heads of various diameter (8 cm; 5.5 cm; 3.5 cm; 2.5 cm; 1.5 cm)
• Power supply cable
When deciding to buy the ATHENA equipment, you receive:
• Devices designed by Polish engineers:
• Modern technologies
• Custom choice of combination unit functions
• Quick and friendly maintenance service