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Epilation with the use of needle consists in puncturing the hair follicle and conducting through it the electromagnetic waves emitted after pushing a small button on the grip. In case of epilation employing the needle it is necessary to use the same sterile disposable needles with which the device was delivered, since they fit perfectly the needle holder. Epilation with tweezers is particularly recommended for delicate and sensitive skin: its bottom part is specially insulated in order to avoid skin irritations and burns. This epilation consists in cutting the hair shaft near the growth cells and does not cause any unpleasant sensations. The third type of epilation is the epilation via probe, which enables removing the hair by introducing an appropriate gel into the hair follicle. Additionally, the device is fitted with a timer that enables setting the procedure duration. The device takes advantage of the phenomena of thermolysis and electrolysis.
The device includes:
• Needle holder: ACO628
• 10 sterilize disposable needles: ACO636
• Tool for removing the needle sheath
• Tweezers: ACO629
• Thermal conductive holder: ACO646
• Large thermal conductive electrode: ACO648
• Small thermal conductive electrode: ACO647