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DEC14 galvanic device II is a professional device intended for performing electro-stimulation treatments. DEC14 works according to the principle of passage of electro-stimulating and pulsating current. The current flow leads to stimulation of muscles with frequency adjusted by the operator. These procedures are aimed at stimulating the mimic muscles and muscles of neck and chest in order to achieve the effect of firm and fresh skin (lifting effect). DEC14 enables application of standard and innovative methods in electro-stimulation therapies.
The device includes:
• Galvanic holder: AC0623
• Dome-shaped electrode: AC0625C
• Roller-shaped electrode: AC0625E
• Set of hoses and suction cup connectors: AC0626
• Customer’s electrode: AC0624
• Cylindrical electrode: AC0625B
• Point electrode: AC0625D
• Set of 24 disposable suction cups: AC0627
Dimensions: 24 x 25 x 7 cm