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VACUUM SPRAY DEC11 is a bifunctional suction and spraying device to be applied in tissue oxygenation and deep skin cleansing procedures and in performance of vacuum massage, including lymphatic drainage. The operation of this device is divided into two phases: suction and spraying. The first of them consists in performing a a vacuum massage, similar to Chinese cupping therapy (this treatment has a slimming, detoxifying and cleansing effect and supports the functioning of lymphatic vessels), while the second one consists in atomisation of tonics, mineral water and other liquid beauty preparations that employ a spraying bottle. Thanks to DEC11 VACUUM SPRAY the skin is going to gain freshness and become deeply cleansed.

The device includes:
• Two plastic hoses /AC 0612/ for connecting the suction attachments and spraying bottle
• Suction attachments: AC 0609, AC0610, AC 0611
• Spraying bottle: AC 0608
• Large measuring cylinder: AC 0614
• Small measuring cylinder: AC 0613