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The DEC34 lamp/magnifying glass without a stand from DECOMEDICAL is a professional device designed particularly for the purposes of all kinds of body and face treatments. DEC34 is a practical lamp/magnifying glass with the power of 3 dioptres, fitted with a flexible arm with possibility of adjustment depending on the needs of procedure. A shadeless lamp with 80 LEDs ensures exceptionally precise white lighting that does not tire the eyes and facilitates significantly the performance of manicure, pedicure, permanent make-up, epilation and other treatments. The magnifying glass feature great visibility and anti-reflective glass, thanks to which DEC34 is going to perform really well in beauty salons, dentist’s offices, veterinarian’s offices, etc. Additionally, the DEC34 lamp/magnifying glass provides about 25-percent energy savings and has a very aesthetically pleasing look thanks to springs being concealed within its housing.
The set includes:
• Lamp/magnifying glass
• Power supply cable
• Warranty
Technical data:
• 3-dioptre lens
• Power: 22 W
• Voltage: 220-240 V / 50/60 Hz
• Electric ignition (immediate)
• No flickering when turned on
• Energy savings of about 25%
• Arm length: each part is 38 cm long (76 cm in total) – Lamp housing diameter 19.5 cm – Magnifying glass diameter 12.5 cm – Pin length 4.9 cm – Pin diameter 1.2 cm
• Springs concealed in the housing ensure aesthetically pleasing look
• White light that does not tire the eyes – 80 LEDs