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This faultless hot steam steamer of “Vapozone” type of the Italian Decomedical brand is seated on a stand with adjustable height. This device is indispensable in every beauty salon. It features a water level sensor, which emits an audio signal when water level is too low, and adjustable stand height. Additionally, it is fitted with a small shelf where beauty accessories can be stored.
The advantages of a “Vapozone” type steamer:
• Disinfects the skin
• Softens the skin by opening skin pores, which makes it easier to cleanse the skin manually and for the active substances to be absorbed deep into the skin.
• The steam penetrates the exists of sebaceous glands and removes any contaminations in the form of accumulated sebum and remains of all kinds of beauty products.
• Steam helps the skin in excreting toxins
• Softens the skin
• Accelerates blood circulation
• Moisturises and refreshes the skin
• Improves metabolism
• Renews the natural acidity of skin
• Improves significantly the massage results
The set includes:
• Features a nozzle
• Stand
• Five-pointed base on rubber wheels
• Manual
• Warranty
• Built-in water tank with capacity of 1300 ml
Technical data:
• Power supply: 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
• Dimensions: 42x26x13 cm
• Weight: 4 kg
• Fuses: 2 of 5 AT
• Water holding capacity: 1.3 l
• Power consumption: 750 Watt