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AT-826 is a professional device for performance of pressure therapy procedures – slimming and detoxification. Pressure therapy performs perfectly when it comes to removing problems with circulation system and lymphatic system, in procedures aiming at increasing the rate of metabolism or removing excess water (and, in consequence, aqueous cellulite) and in detoxification. As a result of these procedures there takes place an increase in elasticity of tissues and removal of oedemas that put pressure on nerves. This, in turn, provides relaxation and alleviates pain. It is a very efficient solution in case of venous retention, oedemas, tired legs, excess weight and problems of women after pregnancy. The pressure therapy treatment is performed in a special suit, inside which the patient is subjected to mechanical drainage, that is, pressure on subsequent body parts that improves blood and lymph circulation. To the suit there is inject, in a controlled manner, the air from the compressor, creating pressure. This procedure is exceptionally efficient in cleansing and stimulating the whole body.
The device includes:
• Device base
• Power supply cable
• 5 suit elements
• 18 suit hoses