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AT-803 is a professional multifunctional device for treatment that employ d’Arsonval’s currents and galvanic current. It is perfect for treatments that nourish the skin (galvanisation), disinfect and soothe (darsonvalisation). Darsonvalisation is a beauty procedures that employs d’Arsonvals’s currents, that is, very high frequency currents (from 300 to 500 kHz), for disinfection with the use of naturally emitted ozone and for relaxation treatments. Galvanisation (anodic or cathodic, as well iontophoresis) uses direct current to accelerate the absorption of active substances into deeper layers of skin. Thanks to galvanisation the skin is nourished and healthier and gains freshness and shine. Depending on type of polarisation, this device can also be used for skin soothing treatments.
The device includes:
• Base
• Four pelottes for darsonvalisation
• Pelotte holder
• Two electrodes for galvanisation procedures
• Power supply cable
Technical data:
• Voltage: 220 V
• Frequency: 56-60 Hz
• Power: 25 W

Dimensions: 24 x 33 x 13 cm