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300D STEAMER is a multifunctional steamer of the “Vapozone” type with ozone, which is going to perform excellently in procedures that improve face skin condition and respiratory system health. 300D is fitted with the hot steam and aromatherapy functions and a three-step adjustment of water heating level. Additionally, the device features a practical LCD display and a useful table on mobile base, with two shelves. 300D is an extraordinary device that is going to facilitate work in every professional salon.
Effect of steamer on skin:
• softens the skin
• dilates skin pores
• accelerates blood circulation
• accelerates metabolism in skin
• restores natural pH of skin
• improves the massage results
300D steamer:
• steam of “Vapozone” type with nozzle
• water tank
• table for the device, with three glass shelves
• shelf with two openings for e.g. lamp/magnifying glass
Steamer’s technical data:
• voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz
• power: 800 W
• water tank with capacity of 1.3 l
• device dimensions: height 25cm, height with nozzle 78cm, width 26cm, length 25cm
• packaging size: 90 x 33 x 32 cm
• weight: 3 kg
Table’s technical data:
• table base: 36 x 44 cm
• two glass shelves with dimensions of 30 x 25 cm
• table height: 86 cm
• shelf with two openings for e.g. lamp/magnifying glass
• packaging dimensions: 80 x 49 x 30 cm
• weight: 18 kg
* the table visible on the picture does not include the lamp/magnifying glass, which is available in our offer as a separate device